November 5, 2006

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 5

a lot of the things Im going to be thankful for/about are certain individuals. I talked about my 3 friends previously. Today Im going to talk about people that I've met online. To be honest I wanted to write about how thankful I am that I found my remote control...but that seemed silly to write about. I've been watching Nickolodeon since yesterday...till I found it...thank God for that. In all things give thanks right?

anyways back to the people I've met online....

It's interesting really cuz I tell people I havent met a foolish person yet online. Well I actually do but those people typically dont last long. It seems that the "real" people I meet are really moves orchestrated by God. It's amazing how mutally beneficial our friendships are.

There's a guy I met online years ago. Lives in England. Till today I've never met him but he's met some of my family...I actually hooked him up with one of my male cousin's in Manchester and guess what? Today they're like bestfriends...interesting huh

There's a girl. Not sure how she got my ID but she started chatting with me from Nigeria one day. We're friends now. She actually came to America. Started and finished school and is now married. To think I knew her while she was going thru the visa process....and now she's married....almost unbelievable

HookUpNigerians was the "in" online thing back in the day. I was quite popular on there. Quite vocal. Met some cool peeps on there...people that Im yet to meet but still keep in touch with. Met my exboyfriend that way too.

So today, Im thankful for the internet and the role that it's played in my friendships. Im thankful that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many people that I may not have ordinarily met. People that enrich my life in various ways.

I hope one day to meet a couple of people...if they want to stop being anonymous. People like...Bijou...Life...Miguel...I consider them to be part of my blog family. Uzo...she's just wonderful...Ola......Vera...LondonBuki...JayCee...Mosaic and Belle...those girls always seem to have something going on...I think it'd be cool to hang with them.... da GA crew...Biodun...Ms. May...

If I dont see any of these's all good. I love sharing their life in whatever way they choose to share it on Blogger


LondonBuki said...

I was gonna(and still will) put up an About Me meme... and I talked about my BlogPals. I thank God for all of you, your words, your opinions and your blogs too :-)

I am starting my 30 days of thankfulness today :-)

I have been trying to stay anonymous but all my friends and people that know me, know who I am immediately when they read my blog... LOL!!!

I thank God for your BlogBuddy too :-)

Have a wonderful week...

Biodun said...

I love this post, I have met quite a few people online too, I wish I could meet some of my blogpals too. Girl we should hook up sometime, will send u an e-mail later today.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Sideline - First of all I have been visiting this site morning noon and night and did not see this new post - Maybe there's somthing wrong with my system - drat -

Great Post by the way -

Honestly - I do look forward to reading what you have on and what word of wisdom you have for the day or the week -

You always seem to have a fab life even if you dont think so - and I am glad that I have had the blessed oportunity to have come across your blog - stay blessed -

eeh by the way don't tell anyone - But Im thinking of visitng Nija for thanksgiving week - I cant seem to find cheap deals and its driving me nuts - could you help??

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Diamond who is this BlogBuddy a.k.a. Blogger Boo? Anyways, i hope to meet u one day too. Quit being annonymous. U seem like a good person, scratch that, only if u reveal blogger boo. Just kidding, but it'd be cool to know who he is.

Trying to access ur blog from my home computer is giving me problems. When the window comes up, "Do u want to activate Control X" or sum'n like that and i click OK, it just closes everything, and says "Send error report or don't send error report." I've missed ur blog like crazy. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROB, SO I GET TO READ FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS AGAIN.

So life, u plan on going to Naija to see "him". I won't tell anyone,i promise.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

@LB...will be checking yours out ur email. will be responding shortly

@Life...fab life? me? really? wow!

@Bijou...Im guessing you've got midterms/exams or somn...i expected you to be on this a while back o....and Boo and Buddy and two different people

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

If Blog Buddy and Blogger Boo are 2 different people, then u know i know one of them. U dis Diamond u're one HOT babe.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@bijou - before nko - at least we know that we know that we know who this blog buddy / boo is -