November 3, 2006

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 3

What have I been up to lately...
work work and more work
so much so that my boyfriend and I havent spent any meaningful time together
This is a bit scary
Im working crazily. He's working and joggling his last year of school at the same time
Is this how it will be when we're married?
if care is not taken, the relationship will disintergrate...
I remember a conversation I had with him...I think it was last year
I told him I want to be a housewife
He was like "I dont think so"
He's funny...He doesnt think so...
He should wait and see when I park my behind at home...what will he do...carry me to work?
Im encouraging him to work hard and get good is essential for my living...abi?
No seriously. Being a housewife is work...but I dont know if Im cut out for it.
maybe for the first couple of years when I have my kids...but I'd still be involved in something
outside of the home

anyways our schedules have been crazy lately
We seem too busy for each other

I spoke to my friend about it yesterday. She was like at least when you're'll hopefully be sleeping in the same house/same room/same bed so somehow somehow you'll connect with each other
We can only pray about that

Today, Im thankful for friends. 3 in particular. The friend I spoke to yesterday...MD. She's great. Once, while in school...I lost two jobs back to back. I had it coming though. I mean I would leave one job, head to second job as soon as I was overnight and then go to school in the morning. I was taking Biology, Organic Chemistry and University Physics at the same time. Anyone in the sciences knows that taking all 3 together is quite a heavy load and then you are working 2 jobs...from like 3pm till 7am the next day????? I was crazy right. Got fired from both jobs. How depressing. MD, on her own went to beg for my job back and after they refused, do you know what she did?

She started looking for a job for me. Calling feedback to me to follow up and what not. Me that could care less at this point. I was amazed at her character. I mean why was she doing it. Of her own volition? Wow! That is a friend. We've been friends for a while. Know most of her family. Her mom loves me. MD is a genius. She used to help me with my science projects and my math homework back in college. She's one of those people that are naturally smart.

I wrote something about 3 girls on 3 way. My friends BK and Ola....these two are my dawgs for life!!! About 2 months ago I was feeling down. Im not sure why. So I called BK...she was studying and asked me what was up. I said I just dont know. Could she just talk to me and then I started crying. She said something along the lines of "Diamond I dont know what is wrong but I do have a God that knows all...sees all....all I can do is pray for you right now" and right there on the phone she prayed for me. And I felt so much better. It was exactly what I needed at the time. Have you ever felt something is wrong and dont know why? I do believe there are some spirits behind that...truly!

When I moved to Nigeria years ago, I used to argue with my mom. Not every day...just random days. Cuz Im always right you know...anyways my brother told me when I would start arguing, he would start to pray that whatever spirit was prompting me, should quieten down...and he said I would be quiet...hmmmm...pretty interesting. I guess some of our actions are motivated spiritually on some level...maybe even all...and we need to pray that it is the right spirit within/ around us.

My other friend Ola...she's just wonderful. She acts like she doesnt know what sex is and calls me for information? Um...when did I become the sex See me see trouble o. Innocent me...Im not familiar with anything to with I always tell her she's an undercover freak...always wanting to know the details....of everything...gosh. A week cannot go by without me talking to her. We're always teasing each other. She's one of those no nonsense cant misyarn with her. Many guys have tried to get with her on some level...She's quick to set them straight. Very much into God. Always urging me to go to church every sunday....

Im thankful today for these 3 people in my life. They are friends for a life time and Im grateful for their placement in the world that I live. They make my world a better place. They give me a reason to smile. One thing I appreciate it about them is, we can argue...fight...but it's always settled...right there and then. For instance, I say something, Ola will say I dont like that. We hash it out right there and then and move on. All 3 friends are like that

Im not close to alot of my family. I long decided that as you grow, you more or less build your own family. So these 3 girls are not just my friends...they are my family. They are people I most rely on for certain things....The 3 people I hope to include in my bridal train.

MD, BK and Ola...Thank you for your love and friendship.

What are you thankful for today?

*hmm.just noticed it's day 3. talked about 3 friends. purely coincidental. It was my first thought when i woke up this morning cuz Id just spoken to MD last night


LondonBuki said...

Diamond, this is a wonderful idea.

I am just seeing this cos I have no internet till next week :-(

I will read ALL THREE OF THEM thoroughly later today.

I want to be a part of this... I think I will do it on my 101 blog

Everyday I am thankful for my Mummy's life, I am thankful that things are beginning to fall into place in my life and mind...

Have a blessed weekend!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Very true there are some good friends that the Lord brings your way - I too remember a good friend of mine H - I started my Ph.D because she found the sponsorship add, sent my CV and did all the search , - she even did the uni application - I didn't even know what the title of it was - but she pressumed I will be good at it and went full speed ahead - whilst you know who was busy doing nothing - to think she was indian and practices Sikhism - the Lord used an unbeliver to bless me - God is trully amazing - he can raise anything and anyone just so You can be blessed. God is good.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Isn't it wonderful to have good friend who have ur back no matter what? LOL @ being the "sex expert." Is there something u're not telling us? I've to admit, that i really don't know blogger Boo since i know u and the person i thot it was don't live in the same State or country.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

BTW, girl u're a real hustler. I thank God for ur life, and for keeping u even in those stressful circumstances.