October 26, 2006

The one thing we all have in common in this life is sex.
lack of....too much of...think about it...sex is pretty much universal
a unifying act/thought
I wonder why aunty told L to get her a Dildo
aunty is like over 50, visiting from Nigeria
said that she got her friend a Dildo and it broke after a month or so
and that ish cost like $100
now I wonder if this is cheap for one...or expensive
she didnt want to bring it back to return it
can you return a Dildo.
Even if it broke, I dont know if they would accept it back
It just seems soooo nasty
and wow...50 year olds be getting their groove on
there's like a whole secret world of adult nigerians that im just now getting
a glimpse of
i wonder what else they do
i cant imagine seeing this prim and proper aunty in church
with the latest everything on
and wonder how she is when the doors are closed
she probably has a maid
is her room soundproof?
just how often does she use it
and why are you buying your friend such
hmmmm...the puritan in me
innocent me....
why do i think such things


Vera Ezimora said...


I didn't think it was possible. I better hurry up & post this b4 someone beats me to it.

Gosh, I definitely hope dildos cannot be returned. Oh, the nastiness!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

first and only apparently...lol...
i see you've been the first on another blog...go and do your work o!!!! lol

Ms. May said...

LOL. Girl, when I tell you about conversations I have with some of my aunts...it's crazy. There's something to be said for getting older...or at least being of marriageable age. They suddenly think that they can tell us everything and anything and we're old enough to know. It's so funny, I know I'm gonna hear some bombshell news when the sentence starts with...."o'kin se omode mo" ("you're not a child anymore) LOL.

Uzo said...

LOL. Think about it like this: I am a sexy young woman with so many facets and even though i am 26, i dont feel any different. So i imagine that when i am 50, while i will be wiser and have some gray hairs, i will still be me. Hot, smart and sexy mama.

I am loving your aunty jare. Life does not stop especially for women, the moment they become mommies, wives and get older.

Calabar Gal said...

WOW!! Getting ur aunty a dildo. You know somehow I seem to think its only us youths that know about such things and that the older generation are too prudish or backward to know about them talkless of buying them and putting them to good use.

Guess I was wrong!!!

Of Course you cant return a dildo especially after its been put to use. LOL.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

No comment -

Except for this really is a funny situation. But why does she need one - Doesn't her husband do the service anymore - Its true women, especially of the older generation seem to suffer in silence, and because they are not sexually liberated - they feel they have to pretend - and thats where they all go wrong - Even these days, some people in nigeria go to their husbands pretending that they are so prim and proper when their husbands needs them to be their lover - Anyways it is time to get your groove on in marriage - and not think its for those who choose to excercise it outside marriage.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao... b4 i even comment.. i just wanted to say that india arie song is just amazing.. luv the inflection in her voice.. i know that i've heard the song b4.. just don't know 4rom who.. do u? also what's this song called?

to the topic @ hand..again.. lmao... i guess she's a freaky aunty... never had one but i'd like to think ppl can't return dildos after pumpum juice has been on it!.. but i say bigups to any woman who's comfortable in her sexuality cos you find that in our society(naija) there's a lot of murmurs about sex but no one's really upfront about it... so dat ur aunty is on point sha.. if we could all be so sure!

diamond said...

it's titled Heart of the Matter and it's my favorite on her most recent album. You may have heard it from Don Henley first

TaureanMinx said...

Great song!

A dildo? Really? 50? Your aunt? WOW. lol

Onya Baquebeich said...

oh dear, i dont even want to think about the dildo at 50. do they still think about sex at that age?
anyway, just to say Goodbye and God bless. take care of you

Soul said...

If I were you, I'd becelebrating that my aunt has no bones about exploring her sexuality.

If I were you, i'd buy her a couple of toys for christmas lol. Women need to remember that our sexuality doesn't die with us, and sometimes we want to experience different textures and just something different.
There's a very, very discreet looking viberator that you can get for her.. it's called a 'lelo'.
It's gorgeous and looks lkie a smooth pebble..

You know, she also might want the toy for her husband to use on her as well.

NaijaBloke said...

Diamond i seldom think abt it too,that all these aunties and Uncles,only God knows how dreaky each one of them is and they will be putting up straight and serious faces up and down.

I remember when I was like 14 and i heard my Uncle who was like 50 then talking to his friend on the phone abt some chics they just rumbled with over the weekend and I was in shock for like a minute cos this was one Uncle that always come across to us as serious as hell and we were all scared of him then.. I guess SEX brings everybody down to a common place ..LOL

Have a lovely week dear and i will still send u those Phil Colins songs o..just been busy