October 19, 2006

Jeff Igbineweka

I got a call earlier today. It was my sister. I was wondering why she was calling me. She KNOWS Im at work. She left me a message so I quickly checked it to see what's up. She said "I have something to tell you call me back"

If anyone leaves you a message like that chances are the news isnt good

It wasnt

My heart began to beat real fast as I punched in her numbers. Called her at home. Voicemail. Called her mobile.

Hey Babe. What's up

"Do you have some time?"

in my mind Im like I hope she's not the one they've sent me to tell me my Dad is gone or something cuz I just know I cant handle that right now

Tell what's up

"Jeff is dead...homicide"

Im sorry?

"Jeff. from boston. in Hyde Park"


why would anyone kill Jeff

I remember the day we met Jeff. I think it was thursday sis...remember that day. T said he was coming to take us to the ice rink. I thought I would see Michelle Kwan and all the ice skating greats. We got on the Orange Line and we met Jeff. He was wearing a hat. Do you remember that hat? and T was trying to push him onto us. We were like "No oh...we dont want any bush boy"...lol. Jeff was a recent immigrant

Turns out it was a free ice skating party for everyone. T had duped us..unknowingly. Remember that night sis

I saw him once on the bus soon after we met him. I hid from him. I didnt want to be bothered...It was after school. Did I ever tell you that. He was just a scrawny kid. Well I guess not a kid...he was older but he was so lanky...

I left Boston and came back months later and I fell in love (in lust) with Jeff. He was mouth watering delicious now. America is amazing - from scrawny to hunk in a few months. I was smitten. He had this ring that I claimed...put it right on my finger. He was beautiful to look at. I wanted to be his woman back then. I remember talking to him about being under the mistletoe...lol...he didnt understand what I meant back then.

Each time I would go back to BeanTown...I would use style to ask about him...seek him out. He was just lovely. I just liked having him around. He was beautiful

It really hurt me hear that my friend had died at the hands of another
He was only 28 years old. I took some time off to cry.
Ive cursed his killer uncountable times
How dare he do this to my friend

Stabbed. To Death. by Girlfriend's ex.
in Hyde Park. On the very street Ive gone back and forth on uncountable times

ive been giving myself a pep talk for the past couple of days. certain things happening. got me paranoid. wondering when my time is. Approaching a year of my cousin's death.4moredays. been telling myself I need to embrace death. It will come when it's time. No need to be scared right?

my prayer: I shall live and not die in Jesus' Name. I shall live to see my children's children by God's Grace. Amen.

Jeff...hope you're smiling from heaven
im sorry you died like that jeff
im really sorry
i wish i could breathe life into you again
i wish you could laugh with me again
i wish i could see you just one. more. time
im so sorry
Dear God
im so sorry Jeff


A man stabbed to death Thursday inside a D’Angelo’s Sandwich Shop on Hyde Park Avenue in what police sources indicate was likely a dispute over a woman has been identified.

Police said the dead man is Jeff Igbineweka, 28, of Roslindale.

Igbineweka was inside the shop when he got into an argument with Haussan L. Harris, 32, of Brockton near the potato chip rack, officials said. Igbineweka, whom witnesses described as a large, muscular man, was stabbed multiple times and ran about 100 yards to a pizza shop near the Hyde Park police precinct.

Igbineweka collapsed in the small dining room there and was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Police are seeking Harris, who is described as a black male with a light complexion and close-cropped hair. He stands 5-foot, 9-inches high and weighs 220 pounds. He was last seen in a black or dark purple Mercedes-Benz.