October 24, 2006

A couple of updates

Okay. I know things on my blog have been a bit on the downside...this thing called life eh?
But can I just say all of you are wonderful. Every. Single. One. Of. You. The outpour of love from you guys amazed me. October has been an interesting month. I thank God for everything all the same. Life thank you so much for those verses....you really have no idea how much that helped me. To my BlogBud..thank you for spending nights with me and making me laugh. :-) . There's a whole world under this BlogWorld you guys...it's soooo... interesting...the way we all connect with eachother in reality. Hmmmmmn...LOL

Anyways...all of you wondering what I got from my aunt and uncle....here it is

so I got a VictoriaSecret Lotion set. Not bad actually. I only use the Amber Romance. Anyone want the rest? I'll mail it to you seriously! And of course I got a shower gel set...it wouldnt have been complete without that you know. It came with the little sponges. I put it next to a regular sized pouf so you guys could see how small it is. Anyways Life...you said you like stuff like this right? If you send me your add, I promise you will get this by the beginning of November

And my other aunt said she gave my gift to her friend so she will be sure to get me another gift. Hmmmmmmm. Do I smell a lie? Why would you get a gift and then give it to someone else...all within the same week. Suspicious right? I should have queried her and asked what it was exactly she got me. But I dont like to put people on the spot where they get trapped in their lie. She probably woulda set it was a surprise...anyways whatever

I met S's girlfriend. You guys didnt even ask me how far with that. I was actually trying to avoid seeing them. For some reason, the whole weekend he was here our schedules didnt mesh. I told him I would see him next time he came and He said No. That he would come late if necessary. So they came. And she's a cool chick. I like her. She's young...younger than me. so so innocent. We flowed pretty well cuz she's a bit like me or rather reminds me of myself when I was younger. I still dont think they match...but then again like I said before I just dont see him with anyone. They went thru all my photo albums and I felt a bit weird cuz I have lots and lots of pictures of him and all our friends and I was hoping she wouldnt feel insecure about that as we both reminisced about certain pictures. I wish them the best.

okay yall. I'll be back later with a real post
gotta get ready for work


Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

U is an ingrate, that's what we call people like u. Oops! i said i had repented, i take what i just said back, Diamond please find it in ur heart to forgive me (lol). Anyways, i smell a lie, a big fat lie. This time they tried, they gave a Vicky secret lotion set. But they spoil it with the shower gel. I'm not feeling that shower gel at all. Looks like the set my cousin uses for her Barbie dolls. Methinks they got that thingy from a dollar store.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Me and my "shellos" I meant to say in the 7th line that "they spoiled/spoilt it." For some reason blogger keeps on eating my words, making it look like i no sabi speak English.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

pls send them oo - I love everything gel - I just dont know why - where do you want me to send my address to -

These your aunties that keep telling you stories - They are lucky Im not neice - becasue that is how they enter trouble - becasue they forgot my birthday - family, friends country man wouldn't fathom forgetting birthday let alone not get me a gift or bake a cake - My own gist is for another blog.

And on the S front - you know why she reminds you of you - cause you were unattainable so he had to go get him an almost - Its like he really needs your approval - there is somthing deep going on - Infact you need to go and start doing some serious prayers - that whatever scales that is blinding his eyes should be removed and even if you dont think he is the one - well pray that you heart will release him - And to reopen for somone else - your heart is closed oo - It needs serious reopening Diamond - Anyway it is well -

diamond said...

@Life...View My Profile for my email add

Calabar Gal said...

I'm interested please. Send them to me at:

Longer throat cottage
Longerthroat Avenue
Longerthroat LT1 2CG

Happy Birthday in Arrears.

diamond said...

@Calabar girl aka LongThroat..we shud kukuma change ur name...you're funny!!!

Biodun said...

lol @ the gift set,dont expect another one from ur auntie sha, lol, I missed the whole S gist o n I cant access ur achieves, me n my gbeborun sef. Glad 2 know ur better now

DiAmOnD hawk said...

check S's story out at http://diamondhawk.blogspot.com/2006/10/but-i-will.html

it's rather long.it's part 1 - 3

and yes...im doing better now
honestly biodun. i feel like u live across the street from me...i dont know why

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Hey Diamond - I will send u an email shortly - hopefully by tonight - hope my longerthroat is not too visible -

Biodun said...

I read all parts to the S story, hmm, really something has to happen btw y'all I can just feel it, lol, and yeah I might be living down the street from you right, who knows, that will be kool though

Jaycee said...

I seriously love Victoria secret scents...I hardly ever seem to be able to choose which one to buy, good combo!

Hey Diamond, how did u get TWO different side columns on ur page? I want two too!!!