October 10, 2006

Another day...Another Year

So the day has finally arrived...my birthday.... I am so grateful to God for letting me see another year. I typically dont do anything on my birthday...I just chill at home cuz I know throughout the course of the day people will be calling me. I also use that time to reflect on where I was last year....how I've changed since my last birthday....I go through mental self-analysis

Yesterday I went through all of my photo albums..I was looking for my baby picture....went thru pictures of me as a kid....up until now...and really I just have to say Thank you to God. There are times when I didnt think I would make it. Times when I thought it was me against the World...but through it all I've survived. If it wasnt for God on my side....I dont know where I would be

I remember when I was 4 years old. I see myself right there in the den...underneath this cane table that I somehow imagined was an elevator...a boat...a tent...and my dad looked at me and asked "Do you know how old you are today?" and I excitedly exclaimed I was FOUR

When I was 7, I was late to school. My mom had gotten packages ready for me to celebrate my birthday in school. All the late-comers were let go that day because of me. It was great. Everyone was sooooo nice to me that day. Everyone wanted to be my friend.

At 9, i had a small get together at home. Nothing serious. My mom always found someway to mark my birthday and make it special. The neighborhood kids came around and we all had cake. It was a small round cake...I can remember what I was wearing...where I was standing...My back was against the windows...It was nice

10 was a biggie for me. I had a big party. Everyone came together. It was a community event. This aunt wanted to do one thing...another uncle wanted to do another thing...everyone wanted to pitch in. It was lovely. I was the Star...and rightly so. All my friends came around. I remember my friends Amaka, nonny and I were going thru this "rapture" phase...and they asked me if at my party, they would play only christian music? I felt uncomfortable then because you know I didnt want to go to Hell...but just one round of musical chairs got me through that. I had fun..so many outfits....so many pictures. My hair was up in curls. I wore this peach colored skirt and blouse...it was lacy... I also had this red and blue outfit...gosh that skirt was soooooooo short...kept riding up everytime I sat down. One of my aunts had given me this beaded jewelry set...gosh it was exquisite. Some idiot broke into my house in LA and stole it. I had kept it for years and years and some fool stole it....

at 13, I got summoned to the Counsellor's office in school. I was a new student. I was wondering why I was getting summoned from class. Lo and Behold...my dad came to school to surprise me with cake and drinks for my friends

I think back to my school days....my innocence...gosh I've come a long way. Back then I couldnt wait to grow up. I couldnt wait for the day I would start to read the newspapers or watch the news...these were adult things. And now Im an adult, sometimes I crave the simplicity of my childhood ..where my greatest dilemma was how I would conquer Bowser in Mario Bros.

I approached this birthday cautiously...I felt almost like I didnt want to get older...as in age wise...but as the day drew nearer...I got excited. I remember years ago, I thought people at my present age were OLD...but now Im here...and Im YOUNG. I went for my annual shopping trip. I always treat myself on my birthday. I dont even want to balance my account just yet. Im just excited that Im here...today...now. My sister said at my age, I'll experience a sudden change with certain things...and Ive got to say she's right. She said this is the age where you start to take control. I seem to be more focused....going after things that I want now with much more intensity than before

Im just happy today. It's almost 1am...I've received a couple of calls....and S was over w/his girlfriend...they just left...Im starting my day listening to Praise & Worship songs..I started with Born to Win...which is sorta like my theme song. You guys enjoy your day today..why? Cuz it's MY birthday and Everyone needs to be happy and enjoy today..it's the perfect 10... Did you know... in the bible 10 represents perfection in divine order

songs im listening to (click to download): Order my steps ### Born to win ### I can make it, I can stand



temmy said...


I am so glad i am the first person to wish you a happy birthday. Please post my rice and chicken sharp sharp.

God will never leave you, i am sure you know that already anyways. He will provide you with the bone of your bones and the flesh of your flesh. The Pastor in me bursting forth, no vex.

You shall know no lack but joy and happiness in Jesus name.

LondonBuki said...




May the Almighty God grant you your heart's desires... Have a beautiful day and Here's to A BLESSED (MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE) YEAR in your life. AND OFCOURSE MANY MORE YEARS TO COME FILLED WITH JOY!!!

God bless you...

Olawunmi said...

Happy Birthday babe!!!!

God bless you, and keep you, and bring you to fulfillment. And may He grant all the desires of your heart, now and always

Soul said...

Happy Birthday Diamond :)

Hope u get everything u want and a lot more.
here.... have some virtual truffles on me or order them from fortnum and mason,.. (truly yummy)

Uzo said...

Happy b'day girl. I hope you have tons of fun. May God continue to bless you....

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

(Singing) HAPPY BAIDAY TO U, HAPPY BAIDAY TO U. Ok lemme stop here, before the building collapses. I pray that as u start another year, the Lord will perfect all that which concerns you, now and forevermore- Amen. Have loads of fun.

I see u decided to start ur year, with a new template. U were such a chubby baby and a cutie. Now lemme read ur blog entry.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Happy Birthday again. May today mark a begining of unimaginable blessings. And the Lord will overtake you with so much blessings this new year.

Your Joy will be great and you will know only God's favour thin year.


Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! May you have many many more birthdays and may all your heart desires be met in Jesus name. So are u having a party i want my cake oh....thats a very cute baby picture awwww.
God bless ya

Sola Baale said...

Wishing you a beautiful and Happy Birthday and an excellent new year.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Thank you guys so much for showing me love today.

Ms.Temmy...i say a BIG amen o. my aunt has informed me that next year its not bday we will celebrate but a wedding

LondonBuki...my very own evi edna...lol...thank you. hope your bro had a wonderful day today as well. Please wish him happy birthday for me :-)

Mr.Awosedo.Bijou.Uzo.Rose.Life...thank you guys and a BIG AMEN to your prayers. May God bless you all:-)

Mr. Baale...you made me smile today...i havent stopped. Thanks!!!

And Soul...virtual truffles abi? LOL...I'll be sure to look for it...is it okay to bill it to you too? :-)

hmmm...this is the TENTH comment...how befitting.. :-)

In Jesus' Name, each of us will live to celebrate another year in each of our lives. God will see us through and order our steps as we journey on through life. AMEN

Miguel said...

Happy birthday to me...oops you.. couldn't miss wishing you a happy birthday... i pray the Lord grants you that which will make you great and draw you closer to him... i pray his will be done in your life.

Have a smashing day! you are one person that really deserves one!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i was about to send out a search party for you Miguel...thank you sweetie. i have and will continue to have a "smashing" day...lol :-)

NaijaBloke said...

Go Diamond it's ya Birthday!!! ..

Happy birthday and many Happy more years to come.. Hope u r having a smash on ya birthday,per ur story seems u always do.

Anyway still waiting for ma cake o and dont worry ama meet u up at da club later 2nite..

It's going down y'all .:CLUB DRINK@HOME",address is "25 BUY YA OWN BEER RD, YAOWNCHOPS GA 25250" "DJ HOPE U HAVE A RADIO" in da house ....LOL

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Happy Birthday Babe... hope you get everything your heart desires... you deserve it!!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

@ONB...thanks babe. hope your week is going great and that you had a great day on my behalf

@NaijaBloke...I think when I get my radio show up and running again I will invite you to be my cohost...you're too much...you're funny...as per your cake..dont worry..you get the biggest slice for sure!

Through these eyes said...

Happy birthday sweetie. Hope your day was beautiful.

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Birthday DIAMOND!!
You are a true GEM to all around you.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Thru these eyes & calabar gal...thank you for the love. it's much appreciated :-)

Onya Baquebeich said...

DAMMIT! I'm late... and i had a special song planned and all. Happy Birthday madam. hope you had a blast

diamond said...

thx delot. yes i had a week long birthday celebration...it was great!