September 25, 2006

Suggestions anyone?

Hello everybody!!! how was your weekend. Do you want to know what I did? Nothing. I felt so guilty. I just laid in the bed all day yesterday except for a trip to walmart. And I watched Desperate Housewives...there was no way I could miss that at all. I Dont like what these networks are doing. They're pitting my favorite shows against each other on the same day at the same time...forcing me to choose which one I want to's not fair I stated earlier it seems like everyone is interested in some sort of Blogger reality. We'd have to find someway to do it online. I think that Olawunmi and Delot and perhaps Mojo should take charge...Im sure they can come out with somn crazy amongst themselves

I've come up with a few ideas...and I'll pitch it to a couple of people
If you guys have any suggestions...please leave a comment...or email me

1 comment:

Onya Baquebeich said...

Can I suggest I have selective Tourettes in whatever game show you decide to launch. Especially in my correspondences with the aforementioned blog felons.