August 2, 2006

Music Im Feeling: Deborah Cox

There are some songs that make you smile; that can accurately portray in a couple of verses what you're feeling. Lately, I find myself reverting back to old songs from like the early to late 90s that I used to sing and memorize the words to...songs that now, I fully comprehend like never before.

One of such songs is by Deborah Cox...How did you get here...I was having a conversation with Ms.Davis about two weeks ago and we were talking about something and she brought the song up and I was like...IS THAT WHAT THAT SONG IS TALKING ABOUT? hmmm....never thought about it. I love the song. Im definitely feeling it. In fact Im about to order the CD from I ordered Allure's CD 3wks ago because I wanted to hear "All Cried Out" (im done downloading songs...ive wasted so much money on itunes and sony with my pc crashing. i used to order CDs and ppl thot i was crazy for getting a CD for one song, my sister thought I was being wasteful..okay so i did the download thing and guess what...ALL MY FILES ARE GONE . Now IF someone has this song and wants to send it me...that'd be nice too...shoot me an email)...I'll try to upload the song by Deborah soon if i can...but here are the lyrics


How did you get here
nobody's spose to be here
i've tried that love thing for the last time
my heart says no no
nobody's spose to be here
but you came along and changed my mind

i've spent all my life
on a search to find
a love who'll stay for eternity
that heaven sent to fulfill my needs
but when i turn around
again love had not been found
my heart got broke and oh it hurt so bad
i'm sad to say love wins again

so i place my heart under lock and key
to take some time and take care of me
then i turn around and you're standing here

this time i swear i'm through
but if only you knew
how many times i've said those words
then fall again when will i ever learn
so many tears i've cried
this lovely black butterfly
must take the chance and spread my wings
love can make you do some crazy things

how did you
how did you get here
nobody's spose to be here
i've tried that love thing for the last time
my heart says no no
nobody's spose to be here
but you came along and changed my mind

this song is playing in my head...keeping me company as i make my way to the end of my work day...My mother once told someone "Diamond doesnt fall in love" and in a way it's true...but this song almost makes me be broken and hurt, building a wall around you to block everyone yet someone manages to break in without you that's deep...and that person (the one who broke in) is really special. I think we all need someone special in our lives, non?


NaijaBloke said...

D i A m O n D u just took me down memory lane here ..I love Deborah Cox as well and actually had the CD back in naija then,but never really learnt the lyrics of this partiucular song.
Her other songs that I fell in luv with then and I still have those r "Sentimental","Who do u love and "Absolutely Not".I used to luv "We can't be friends" as well.

I relate to old songs better than all this remixes and rubbish that r produced this days.I don't know if u remember this group "Xscape" I think u will like their song "Understanding" as well.

Anyway have fun and take care

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i definitely remember peeps from Xscape, Jade, SWV, to Changing Faces, Total..there was this song by Total I used to play on air ALL THE TIME, If you want me...right after Dru Hill's Real Freak...i dont really like the song anymore me check my acct balance before i go on a spending spree...

listened to a sample of going to order the CD...

Uzo said...

Ah. Me and my music collection. I have that CD as well as Xscape, Jade, SWV.....Hmm...Maybe i can figure out a way to copy the cds and send them to you somehow. Let me know if you have any ideas.....And let me know if there are any others you would like. I might have them

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Uzo chances are that if you have them....I WANT THEM!!! :-). I just started being serious about my CD collection last year o so..keepin them nicely preserved..hmmm...IM thinking of a way...still thinking...will get back to u

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

Nice post i cant say i have heard the song or i dont remember but the lyrics is just mad it makes so much sense. Thanks Thanks

NaijaBloke said...

@Uzo and Diamond ..Uzo u can go online to or or and u shd be able to upload and email the files to anyone.
Abeg Uzo hit me up lemme know which songs u got maybe I can get some from u as well.
Diamond I could send u a couple of old songs if u want but I only have songs and not the whole albums o.

Diamond said...

NB...yes yes yes!!! I want! I want!! I want!!!
i went shopping for some of the CDs today...but i stopped cuz i think to get it from ebay or amazon they shouldnt be that whatever you have will be much appreciative...

thx for the link

do you remember TLCs Scrubs...did you hear Sporty Thieves version of no Pigeons

Uzo said...

Wow. Thanks a lot Naijabloke. I am going to try to send my girl some stuff today. Shucks, i have old and new alike in as many genres as possible. I remember the sporty thieves version of no scrubs. Hilarious. Let me know if there are any particular artists you would like and i can let you know if i have them in my collection.

Dipo Tepede said...

@ diamond hawk

I honestly dont think there's anything wrong with hosting the awards in the UK.

u dont think?

Thats where the issue lie

DiAmOnD hawk said...

boooooyyyyy....u sure do have something wedged up high in your ass...

There is NOTHING wrong with hosting the Nigerian Music Awards in the UK...this is a non dont like it...then go do yours in nigeria

i always wonder why people complain about the most mundane things...complain action

like maya angelou dont like it, CHANGE IT...if you CANNOT change it DONT COMPLAIN

for those of you wondering, his comment is based on my comment on Mona's blog on 8/1/2006 ( )

diamond said...

NB God bless you for the in yesterday i was like "thank you" but today....GOD BLESS YOU... :-)
i have to figure out what you have too...i'll hit u up on email

NaijaBloke said...

Diamond u r sure crazy ....LMAO@ ur comment to Dipo Tepede's comment ..."boooooyyyyy....u sure do have something wedged up high in your ass..."
Men am still laffing whilst typing this comment.

Anyway hit me up with ur list and will let u know which ones I have.

Have a lovely weekend