August 7, 2006

The Messengers [spoken word]

There's a new show on TLC, The Messengers. I'd seen the preview and I thought it had something to do with Spoken Word. There's a theme every week. They first put the individuals thru certain experiences such as hanging out with the homeless or working on a farm and based on that, they give them a topic to speak on. The messages heard are truly inspiring. My favorite Messenger is Cornelious "See" Flowers. Please take a moment to check it out. I can almost guarantee that you will be inspired by their words and maybe motivated to do something... I also Like Daneea and Angelica. My previous REflections came from the show: The Messengers or go to
Hope yall had a great weekend

Song to check out: I Want It All Back by Tye Tribbett...if ever there was a song made for's this one.
Okay so it's right past midnight and I cant sleep. How about Im watching ElimiDate. Havent seen this show in ages and I guess I've missed something becaue I dont know when they started including the Parents on the Date. I mean this guy has his mom with him and is making out infront of his mom....eeeeewwwwww. And now they're all in the hot tub. Why are these girls always so catty. Im so sorry but I cant fight for a guy. It's just so demeaning to me. And to make out infront of your parents..maybe it's me...maybe I'm ultraconservative infront of my parents but I just cannot do that. I mean I dont even want to see my parents kiss...yuck!

Or is it age that allows such things as PDA (public display of affection) infront of your elders. I dont even know how comfortable I would be sitting with my significant other in the same room as my parents. Im shy...sometimes. I mean to be sitting there...cant touch each other...cant do anything because his mom or dad is there or someone older is there. There are sometimes when Im in a relaxed mood and would be probably prone to being "touchy"but even that has its levels. I guess it depends on who Im with and the ambience of the audience we're in the midst of. I havent been in the situation of being with my man infront of "the elders" except my brother so this is just based on how I imagine I'd be.
The one incident with my brother, he came home and I was out infront w/my guy and he thought I was being naughty and that it was rude of me to not acknowledge his presence. I mean it was dark...there was no light...we were outside leaning against the should I have known he could really really see me. lol. He had just arrived with his chick at the time...and they parked right infront of the house. I mean I didnt disturb them did i? He wanted me to open the gate for in...what happened to your key. He's like 16 or so years older than me o but he's really cool although I think he's always trying to sell me to his friends. When I was a teenager...I was really into making out in public but now i think there's something to be said for keeping things private...I mean one time in church...this was years ago when I lived in Boston, Church was being held in some open place and that's how this couple were tongue slopping all over the place...i mean how inappropriate...
I was talking to a friend that visited over the weekend and as it tends to happen w/girls when we get together, we were talking about guys. We talked about being intimate and all that kissing stuff. How it felt and what we did and didnt do and all that. Well my friend has only really kissed one guy right? She told my other friend as such and that one said, "where were you after WAEC" apparently that was the thing to do this true? If it is, I certainly missed out...
Holding hands is nice...what happened to doing just that ehn? Better to hold my hand than to have it on my face...I dont like guys touching my face...I get an allergic reaction when they do that.
Okay it's past 1am. Soul Train is on w/Ray J and this rapper chick Ebony Eyez...she's not so bad. I dont know why but I like guys that wear studs...diamond in each you have to be FOOIINNNEEE to pull it off. I also love when guys can braid/twist their hair...Imagine this...a brother...nice bod, nice suit but with the above mentioned i tell you...makes me wanna gobble them up... you braid your hair or are your ears pierced? ROTFLMAOOOOOOO cousin just hit me up from Brazil so I had to take a break from typing. He just came back from a concert. I think I better go to bed now. It'sjust past 2am. I have to be up by 5:45am
oh no..there goes another cousin hittin me up on yahoo...dont these ppl sleep...I wonder if I'll go to work today
I pray that your week ahead is blessed and that you receive uncommon Favor from God as you go about your daily business


Uzo said...

Ah.....You need to get some herbal tea for nights like this when you cant sleep.

Making out in front of the folks is a big no no. Open displays of affection are okay within limits. I am touchy feely so i am likely to be holding his hand. Once again within limits.

How was your weekend?

Diamond said...

it wasnt that...i slept from like 4 to 9:30pm missing Big Brother which I wasnt too happy about

Weekend was great...listened to The Dance and Brooklyn over and over and over and over and over...even got my friend that came visiting hooked on The Dance. We watched Chalte Chalte again too