August 20, 2006

It's my sister's Birthday today

My sister is a year older today….

I wish I could be there with her to celebrate it. She moved to England a couple of years back and I miss her a lot. Of all the sisters I have, I love this one the most. We have a close friendship and I can always count on her to give me sound advice and supplement my income when needed. Hallelujah for big sisters w/compassion!!!

Sometimes, she's quite irritating…always spewing words of wisdom when I want her to agree with me.

Just the other day I was telling her how I couldn’t help being “friendly” with other guys…it’s just my nature…blah blah blah…she was like “Yes you can, you’re not getting any younger you know?”
I mean WHAT?
But I appreciate that while Im in my fantasy world, she's able to bring me back to reality. But really how far with telling me Im not getting younger..I have a birthday coming up and Im a little scared...I dont know why

I got my Tracy Chapman CD in the mail the other day. I only bought it for the song "The Promise".I called my sister Kelly in Lagos. She loves Tracy. So we got to talking and she was like, when are you coming home, you're now a woman...this that this...

woman? no o
im still very much the baby of the family....what's up with the woman title
and as far as coming home? sometime after the elections sounds good to me

But yeah, my sister is a year older and I thank God for her life. We've been through alot together. A few tears and Lots of cant be around us and not laugh...we make fun of everything and everybody...even ourselves.

She's beautiful...but of course....she's my sister...we dont have ugly people in my family...hmmmm...i take that back!
She's very very smart...
She's forever trying to gain weight and Im forever trying to lose we're quite in sync
Five minute phone calls quickly escalate to 5hrs and I always wonder what we're talking about.
She sends me boxes of TUC and Rich Tea each time I request it...
I tell her about 95% of things I go through, blogs I read, events no matter how insignificant that occur
She allows me to rant and rave about everything from B to A
Sometimes when I dont want to cry by myself, I call her and she helps put things in perspective
She's my prayer/fasting partner
She's the only constant person in my wedding - my maid/matron of honor
She's my partner in the non-profit organization I birth
She knows ugly details about me and is still non-judgemental...
She encourages me to pursue my dreams instead of following the path society dictates
She's just a great person...
If you met her, you'd think so too

I havent seen her since she moved, and terrorists allowing, I'll be there later this year to see her. Hopefully I'll be able to meet a few of the bloggers I like as well as some of the friends I've made over the internet thru my college years
Happy Birthday Sis. I love you.


uzo said...

So awesome. Sisters are so great. I dont have an older sister but hey, my little ones are such a trip. Well not so little but you know what i mean

NaijaBloke said...

Now Diamond u started making me wish I have an older sister now,although I have an older brother,we did all the crazy stuffs together growing up but I will say I was way crazier than him so on that crazy level,I did not get to relate with him.

Olawunmi said...

i love tracy chapman, that woman is beyond awesome.

Diamond said... and your obsession sure after you saw "tracy", my other words faded to black... LOL

DiAmOnD hawk said...

@nb...older sisters are the best

older brothers hmmm...mine was always trying to beat me up and another one was trying to sell me...those are the times i refer to as the "Good ole days"...HA!