August 21, 2006

I had a great weekend and I hope yours went just as great as mine…if not, there’s always the next one…

This Sunday, in my heart, I rededicated my life to God. I haven’t been to my church in a long time because the same road that leads there is the one I had an accident on. I conquered my fear yesterday and I’m so happy I did. My church is 45minutes away and I’ve been rethinking joining another church that’s closer to me but today I received confirmation that this is my church. I am connected to it…it’s actually the only church I’ve ever taken the time out to join. I love my spiritual father and I believe he’s going in a direction that I’m going as well. He’s connected to Africa along with Pastor Matthew of KICC and they’re doing great things individually and together

Since Im on a church tip, Let me tell you about a recent conversation I had with my friend Chukwu.
This pastor was sent from Nigeria to start a church here in America. No resources, no nothing! Chukwu received a call from a respected friend who asked him to come and help support the pastor and his mission

Chukwu being the nice guy that he is says no problem and he starts attending the church with his friend. Then the pastor gets close to him and asked him to help lead Sunday school or bible study, I forget which. And then he asked Chukwu to become the assistant pastor. He's only known Chukwu for a couple of weeks.

I was shocked. Why would anyone ask Chukwu to be an assistant pastor. I mean as far as reading the bible and knowing Godly stuff, Chukwu and I are kinda on the same level. We're both striving to reach a higher level/increase our faith and all that. I mean last time I went to see him, he had playboy/women in lingerie type pictures for his screensaver on his PC. Is that how Pastors roll now? So I asked him, Did he say he was led by the spirit when he asked you that? Maybe this was a prophetic type calling…I didn’t really believe that

Chukwu: Diamond, I don’t know o. He just came and asked me. Even me I was wondering why. I mean that’s how I’ll be in the club and one of the members will see me and be like AH! ASSISTANT PASTOR WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE

I laughed out loud at that one because I could just see him bumping and grinding in the club with the congregation looking on with shocked faces. I mean think about it…imagine if it was your pastor!

The whole thing baffled me. Why would a church send a man to another country with no resources. OH JUST GO THERE AND START A CHURCH. Is it that easy? And this same man you sent, is asking MY FRIEND to be an assistant pastor…just like that….no history searching…no nothing. I thought decisions like these were to be done w/care and much prayer and stuff. According to my friend this is how this particular church does business. It's no wonder Im a bit hesistant about attending it.

I think this is why some churches do not grow in terms of its members spiritual life. It only grows in quantity...not you get what Im trying to say here? Perhaps people see establishing churches as a money making establishment instead of building kingdom relationships. I mean why else would this man come here to start a church...and get this, he expects Chukwu to supplement his income. He thought he'd seen a fool...aka-> a young fella with an engineering degree making decent pay.

Anyways people, how was your weekend

If you’ve been following my relationship blog, I finished with all ten points…so check it out and spread the word

Heard this yesterday on Dateline...thought it was cute:

Growing old is mind over matter….if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!!!


Miguel said...

I think if you read the story of David and how he was annointed King...the conversation Samuel had with God during the process, you'll come to understand that the way God selects a man beats human understanding... i think Isaiah 45 or so talks about the fact that "His wasys are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts....." so in the physical realm you might think you are comparable to Chukwu but in the Spiritual realm (which is what matters the most, you are not). I truly want to believe that before the pastor walked up to Chukwu, he got the confirmation he needed from God.
When God called Paul, he was a crucifier of christians...think you need to speak to Chukwu as well and ask him to seek the Lords face.

DiAmOnD hawk said...'re so right! I was only looking at it thru my eyes...absorbing it thru my understanding

Miguel said...

Correction..not Isaiah 45 but Isaiah 55