August 24, 2006

come on over to MYSPACE

can i just say this?


I've been going crazy over this website.

Well for starters, it helps me keep track of my long as he logs in everyday I know he's okay. He's actually the only reason I initially joined...I couldnt view his profile & pics w/o logging in

My old friends from school are finding me...which is fantastic seeing as i left out a lot of information you can use to find me...Im just a bit hesistant about putting my name out there so much so that I deleted my first profile and started all over again w/less info...I mean when I do a search of my name, the interesting things that come up... I once had a guy tell me about an essay I wrote and I asked him how he found it...OH I JUST SEARCHED YOUR NAME...can we say STALKER????????? And it was just a stupid essay, something i had no business writing...wrote it in like 5minutes for a about an essay full of grammatical errors with no focus...i wish i could delete it off the net....

And Im discovering that some of my friends have hidden lives...well a life that I didnt know about. I found one of my friends. I was looking at this picture and I was like THIS GUY LOOKS FAMILIAR...oh well...HE WAS...IS...he never told me he had become a hiphop artist for real for real...I mean we messed around with stuff like that in college but he's taken it far...I mean I just talked to him last week and all this while I didnt know...i thot he was trying to be a pharmacist

And Im finding random friends like that...people that have immersed themselves into the music industry...I LOVE IT...more talent I'll be needing to use...FOR FREE....yyaaaaaayyyy!!!! lol.

I've had two friends in as many days find me...Im just tripping out cuz im sooooo excited...i think im overly excited cuz im BORED but it's been nice being able to reconnect with my friends...
And of course the incident with Travis Barker where he was dissing his soon to be ex-wife, saying she was a bad mother...myspace is just wonderful

forget hi5 and hop on over to MYSPACE

IF YOU FIND ME...ADD ME..shhhhhhhhhh if you find me...I'll give you a $

gosh it's past midnight...goodnight

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