July 4, 2006

Relationships: Girl and Boy

Girl: Excuse me...can I ask you a question
Boy: Sure
Girl: Can I be your girlfriend?
Boy: No, Im too busy

Well this conversation actually took place on the campus of a major university in Nigeria.
I was very surprised at the boldness of the girl. Wondered about the boy's response to her as well. Im all for empowering women and equal rights but please....I dont think that asking a guy if you could be his girlfriend is the way to go. I felt bad for the girl. It takes guts to ask a question like that. You're putting everything you have out there. Only to face rejection. I felt embarrased for the girl.

The boy...he's quite handsome. I mean apart from the fact that he doesnt seem romantically inclined, he's one that many would be after. His girlfriend has been urged by several to hurry up and marry him before someone else snatches him up. He doesnt really work out (at least not that I know of) yet he's body is banging...he's educated, well-mannered...serious about being successful. I could go on and on about his qualities...the point is, hands down he's a great guy. Although the request from the girl took me aback, I could see how someone would want him for herself

The girl...dont really know her that well. She's a muslim...dresses fully...very quiet. She's not knock-out gorgeous...but she isnt ugly either. So the question and the person asking...came as a double surprise

He actually told his girlfriend about the incident and she had a fit.
"Why didnt you respond with: I have a girlfriend"

He said the question took him by surprise and somehow he didnt want the girl to feel bad so he told her he was too busy. That's what came in his mind. He didnt understand why his girlfriend was having a fit. At least he told her, right? If he had anything to hide, he wouldnt have told her anything at all

Well let's see. You chased this girl down for years. She's smart and beautiful. She embodies what anyone would like to have in a mate. She dumped someone to be with you because you finally asked. You set the rules about dating and told her upfront where you wanted the relationship to go and although she struggled with it, she accepted finally. You know you're lucky to have her and vice versa but when faced with a question, she's not the first thing that pops in your mind? Of course she'll have a fit. It's good you told her about the incident because you're being honest but that doesnt excuse the answer

He went back and told one of his male friends who told him that it was a mistake to tell his girlfriend...GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I had to keep it real with him. If the situation were reversed, wouldnt you want your girl to set the record straight. To have ppl know that there's a claim on her and they need to back off? Of course he would. I seem to recall some incidents where he wasnt happy because his girlfriend is hanging out with other guys...no matter how platonic. Well then, see why she's upset? He understood and apologised to his girlfriend.

Good luck to them both....

Actually...Goodluck to me!
Im the girlfriend


Uzo said...

Men just dont get it. I can understand why girlfriend would have been upset. Not sure if i would have gotten mad about it though but i understand where she is coming from.

I wish we could go back to the days when boy asks girl if she will go out with him. She says she will think about it before giving him an answer. At least there was clarity.

These days, you date but how do you know when you have become the girlfriend? Do you just assume you are the girlfriend? That usually comes with a shock...LOL

Good one girl

aihammed delot said...

lol, nice twist at the end. i was about to pull "the girlfriend" up on a number of things like: dumping another dude just to be with this guy, and not being as understanding as you ought to, but her i'm speaking to the one so i'll say keep it to myself.
I can see why u got all vexed, i'd want my name branded as well if it was me - its almost as if he just flirtingly dismissed her as opposed to finally sending her packing with a firm "i;m taken"...anywayzzz nice to see its all working out swimmingly

DiAmOnD hawk said...

pull away if necessary...

honestly things like that make me think...to continue or not to continue...

where's the manual of life when I need one...