July 27, 2006


Lagos PDP chieftain, Funsho Williams MURDERED.

@10pm (Oh What a Day)

okay yall...here's the deal. I got home from work. Someone sent me an offline thru yahoo and i saw this message...I was shocked. My heart skipped a beat for a minute because I thought it was someone I knew...I thought about it and brushed it aside

Earlier today, my family members were calling me back to back. I dont like when that happens because the last time they did that, my cousin had died in that horrible plane crash to abuja (may her soul rest in peace)...this occured just months after my grandmother had died...then too my family members were calling me left and right. I called everyone back and thankfully it was nothing. Everyone was just wondering when I would go pick up Aunt T. Remember I told you she was visiting from Manchester?

Today was "hang out" day with my aunt. I told her I'd set aside a day to come get her and we could go shopping. As soon as I arrived to pick her up she said "Did you hear the news?"

Well apparently, he's my aunt's cousin. So I heard all the gory details of what happened to him. From the route the took to enter his house (which to me is amazing), to the different things they did to him.... Everyone's phone was blowing up left and right. Polictics really is a dirty game. The head police or something like that from abuja has declared it is a police matter and his body is still laying in the house that he was murdered in. It's still there...

I remember once I told my friend Ije about wanting to get involved in Politics, wanting to be President and she said I cant do it without bloodshed or something to that effect. I mean this man was brutally killed. They wanted him to be aware of his death. I didnt know him personally but I shed tears. No one deserves to die in that manner. It's not fair.

Some people think my thoughts tend to be extreme attimes because I want several people "eliminated". I just feel that we need to wipe out a certain group of people and I dont see how else to do so except by death. I wonder if i can pull a trigger...

So I ask...Does the end really justify the means? Who killed (...or hired the killers to kill...) Funso Williams. People act like this life is it...there's nothing after that so let's do all we can to enrich ourselves and to get this power because that is the only way we can validate who we are. People must bow...people must recognize. Let's live richly and suppress others who dont do our bidding. Let's destroy the country for the future generations...Let's sell our souls to the devil and claim Jesus is Lord.

Justice will be served...of that i have no doubt...


Onada said...

i know!! its crazy as in how can that person you did it sleep at night after knowing he sent someone to kill someone else.
Politics is a very dirty game.

NaijaBloke said...

Diamond why r u surprised?I don't think that sort of issue will surprise me again in Nigeria o.

Bola Ige was killed when he was still the Attorney general of Nigeria and till today,that gorrila Obasanjo did not do anything abt it.The Attorney General is the 3rd in command to the president and to now make matters worse,the guy that was arrested for plotting the assasination,I think his name is Omisore,the deputy governor of Osun state then,won an election to become a senator while he was in prison.
Thatz why I tell ppl playing politics in naija is like betting with ur life o.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Are u seriouzzzzzzzzzz? Naija politics is a dirty and deadly game. May his soul RIP. I need to go to nigeriaworld for the 411. That's just sad.