July 26, 2006

i understand why America is a litigious society...everywhere you turn, people are always trying to screw you over. I dont like stress. I like things to run very simply...I can get anal about being organized with certain things...that's why my friend had me coordinate her wedding last year
I've been having insurance issues....if you follow my blog you've been with me since my accident about a month ago (I removed the postings for certain reasons but will repost after awhile). Well I got two checks from my insurance company and finally today I got a check from UAIG...the responsible party. Now these UAIG people have been wasting my time so I had decided to file with my insurance company. Today I was to drop off my car at the shop. Since they sent me the check, I decided to just do it under them (UAIG) and so I submitted the estimate given to me by UAIG to the dealership...now they have to return the parts ordered originally and order the ones given by UAIG. I got a rental today...Im thinking I should have gotten the PT Cruiser...I've always just wanted to drive one. My insurance is paying for the rental...it's getting complicated but if Im out anything more than $100 of my personal money, then I'll personally sue the responsible driver and she can take it up with her insurance company. Can you imagine I was driving yesterday and I turned back because I was scared. I kept hearing this noise...seemed to come for my tire area...I was scared that my wheel will roll off...I turned back home. The other insurance company said they'll pay for my rental for a "reasonable" amount of time that I should wait until the parts are ready....SO THAT I CAN DIE ABI...I asked them what they thought was reasonable...I couldnt wait any more to take my car in. Actually they said they'll reimburse me...so I have to pay first then turn in the receipt. Anyways it's not my problem right now. Im not cashing any of the checks given to me by anyone until my car is done. But Im glad that I have a Rental. Im mobile now...i can zip in and out of traffic although with a rental you have to be extra careful. Dont want extra yawa...anyways I've pled the blood of Jesus over it and me...no more stress in my life abeg..I've been wooossaahhhiing this thing since june. I've only be going from home to work...work to home...and WalMart...Ive been seriously restricted and I havent been happy about it.
Did you read my last post: Money talks, Bullshit walks? Were you scratching your head trying to figure out what it means?
Okay, let me tell you
I work customer service for a big corporation. I wont mention who yet. So they rolled out an incentive. It's summer time, people are quitting left and right du2 management changes and people are going on vacation...so they need people to work some extra hours with promise of more pay in addition to OverTime Pay...and of course, I jumped at the oppurtunity. I've been working some serious hours. Now, what they said was that we will get paid on a certain date. No probs...Im here thinking what I'll do with the money...my birthday will be right around the corner...where should I go...london or lagos? or should I pay for.....anyways I've been fantasizing about the money I'll get
I got a call from Ms.Davis last night. Something had changed. She called me trying to keep in suspense. I was getting excited because I thought I was about to hear some great news. She kept asking me all these mundane question until I had to stop it and ask her WHAT IS IT? I dont like being kept in suspense about anything. Even when I buy a book, I go right to the end to see what happened. If I dont like the end of the story, I put it right back on the shelf.
Apparently, they dont want to pay per the original offer/agreement. They want to give us GIFTCARDS to walmart, target, coach and bestbuy. It's against the rules?
ehn? ki lo wi?
now please keep in mind, the money we're talking here is major....as in $$$$...and as much as I love to go to walmart Im not trying to spend that kind of money there okay? Tarzhay? Coach? BestBuy? please even my laptop didnt cost the amount of money they want to give me to shop at BestBuy.
so this is it...Money Talks...meaning if the money is right, I'll do what you want...but when you start talking some damn "cow dung", then it's time to start walking...as in forget this nonsense. GiftCards? People have been so upset about it. It is only because of the original incentive that most where putting in extra hours. Bait and Switch...Now they're trying to see how they can resolve this issue...Our director will be in tomorrow with the news as to what will happen. So I reserved my comment until I hear what he has to say. No use blowing up now.
They came to apologise to us. They didnt know they couldnt give us cash and blah blah blah. Please!!!! Sorry gini? Sorry doesnt work for me at all at all. The leaders of Enron were sorry werent they? But where are they now? So please be sorry all the hell you want. All I know is that the money will be appearing in my paycheck. I dont know how they'll achieve this and it's not my concern. They have to honor their original agreement. It was what lured us to do the work...the money was talking...and it sounded real good...
I contacted my lawyer aka my cousin in florida...he said just keep record of the original agreement. He's the one I've been downloading all my insurances issues to. That's why he decided to become a lawyer. He came out of retirement (he's not even 50 yet) because he was tired of being screwed over. Do you know when I graduated college, I decided to be a doctor AND a lawyer...get my MD/JD degree...everyone said I cant be a jack of all trades...just choose one...this makes me want to follow up on what I said...if you want something done right...do it youself right?
I've been breathing like a pregnant woman for the past couple of days...insurance, my car...now this...well let's wait till tomorrow...

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Chris Muss said...

gift certificate to coach? that sucks. i hope it works out.