July 16, 2006

I had a dream...

....that the United States attacked N Korea...and of course N Korea was going to seek its revenge.

I was just praying that they wouldnt come to my state. There was this sense of calm...kinda like the calm before a storm. I experienced a moment of slight fear and then major indecision. I didnt know if it would be better to remain in the United States or to go home to Nigeria and be with my mother. I was concerned for my mother. How much money could I take out and leave...or maybe I should stay...oh what to do what to do...

There were a group of people around me, friends I suppose but I dont seem to recall now who they were. We were looking outside this window. Felt like I was still in college in my dorm room. People were giving me advice that I dont recall.

In a war, would it serve me better to go home or stay in the States.
I could have sworn I saw Uncle Sege fooling around with a coconut or someting...perhaps it was a hollowed out cantaloupe...he was indecisive about something...or maybe that was fear reflected in his face...not exactly sure if I dreamt it really or imagined it

And then all of a sudden I was at a party with my family. A red carpet type party and who do I see walking the carpet but my mother. I was so happy. Everyone was in a celebratory mood. It was a surprise. I asked how she got to the States...she told me how after her lawyer had contacted the embassy, they invited her back in and apologised to her and I think they even fired the person who refused her visa previously for her unbecoming behavior.

I was so happy she was with me.

Woke up!...Sunday Morning! Everything's quiet
I dont like to dream because my dreams tend to come true...weird
I usually tell God that I dont want to dream any foolish dream...

I woke up and prayed to God there would be no war because I just dont know if I could survive through one. Prayed that my mom and I would be indeed united

But I thought to myself: Interesting how it was only my mother that came to mind.

Maybe I shouldnt have had that glass of mountain dew last night. I read about an
American at the American University in Beirut who states she's fine but all the students are huddled together scared for their lives. The airport has been bombed so right now there's no immediate way home. She's was only to be there for the summer. What will happen to her now? Someone arrived there a day before this happened....someone was to leave...and they're stuck.
I think alot about N Korea and their missile tests...

World War III? Will I live to tell the story? I dont want there to be a story to be told...not in my life time or in my children's and their children's life time...

how many soldiers does it take to start a war?

just ONE


Onada said...

North Korea please oh! if there is a way. i'm packing my and heading on the first available flight back to nigeria!
we seriously need to pray for the world right now.

Africainement said...

Wow..dat was deep and som' I can relate to..fear wise...anywhoo like onada said ..hopefully we'll be all safe..!!