July 6, 2006

Depth of my thoughts

If I told you that I feed and get my hits off you
would you know what it means
and if you do would that scare you
or would you be able to laugh and take it in stride
accepting the basicity for what it truly is

It took three months, five rings and an hour to get connected
In my mind I was seducing you
Each word provoking and reeling you in
Yet, my hunger has not been abated
If I become naked and confess it
would you distance yourself from me

[Now check this...]

I want to be the focal point of your oral intensity
Be blended and whirled into the essence of you
Shaken not stirred into your mesmeric versatility
But please don’t misconstrue this...
I’m not trying to be your woman
If you understand this, then you would understand me
And if you know this, would you grant the access I seek

I'm tilted on the edge of reason
waging a battle between self-inflicted ethics and boyfriend restrictions
I struggle to define and put you in perspective
Grasping desperately at a new self awareness
I'm floating in the fear of the indefinite, wondering if you feel me
And if you do, would you reveal it

I’m between my space and yours
Life conditioned and too apprehensive to let me go…
I’m on a self-created battleground
with no armor; just me, a smile and a wish
and I’m waiting…can’t risk making the wrong move
I don’t want you to retreat too soon
But if or when I choose to step off the edge, will you be there to catch me

Herein lies the greatest mystery


Gbenga said...

Hey D

Woww, very lovely poem... well written and even better when listened to. read it several times thru, great piece...

ok, what i think...

i see this lady who greatly admires this guy, i don't think its just some feeling.... sounds like he's got some kinda talent, maybe some ability she also has and he probably does this really well, so she simply adores him, respects him too, ... so she finds herself desiring some form of 'interaction/relationship/exchange'.... one she can not define yet she understands, one she fears he may not understand.... probably no one will.... probably lies in the border-line of several relationships.... she is afraid to lose what she does not have.... vulnerable.... child-like, wanting to open-up, scared of rejection....

its a great piece.... well pieced together... u sure think deeply... still reading and still wondering... really can't wait for u to say exactly what it means....

Thanx for sharing it...


diamondhawk said...

you slammed that nail right through the wall G!

aihammed delot said...

Wow, Gbega’s a great decipherer and I think you’re a marvellous poet. Reading the lyrics reminded me of “mind sex” by dead prez…one of my favourite songs.
“Shaken not stirred into your mesmeric versatility…” u sure u wanna be shaken into such a delicate situation. Good post. Well done.

Onada said...

nice....kinda deep too.

Diamond Hawk said...

thank you guys *blushing*...

wow..delot...poet extraordinaire thinks Im a marvelous poet...gosh...im swooning over here...QUICK...someone get me a fan...