July 7, 2006


I dont know how me and my coworkers got talking about bathrooms today but I just had to let them know how particular i was...I relayed my story...

I go to Boston. Actually I was on my way to New Hampshire and I decided I'd go thru Boston instead of Manchester. My family lives there. So I called my cousin Wole to come and get me and he said it was cool to stay with him. NO PROBLEM

I get to his apartment that he shares with another roommate and the place is...pathetic. The lights dont work in the kitchen...or in the fridge...the place just seems somehow. There's a whole library of playboy magazines in the corner. Excercise machine in another corner...books...papers. etc. I go to his room and Thank God...it's better than the living/dining room.

Then I had to take a shower. I was filled with dread.

First off, there was a hole punched into the door...

"Wole, why is there a hole in your bathroom door"

Wole: oh this guy was stuck in there and punched a hole to get out

The door is made of wood and swells with the heat...so it'd been swollen du2 the heat. And why wasnt this fixed? All I get, a shrug of shoulders

So I had to get a paper towel and tape the hole up so that when I sit down to do the do, ppl wont be walking by peeping. I mean...this was awful. I felt so uncomfortable. I should have just called my sister to tell her I was coming to town and stayed in their nice comfortable house but I didnt feel like dealing with that side of the family

So I take a shower...the tub is DISGUSTING. Thank God I had my shower shoes. I ALWAYS have shower shoes with me...a habit i picked up in college...even in my bathroom

The water doesnt seem to go anywhere...so I wait....let the water drain...before continuing. I feel disgusted all over again just typing it. I mean it was bad. The floor was nasty...the bathroom tiles...Gosh...that bathroom was just N-A-S-T-Y...did i mention it was nasty?

Thankfully I was off to NH the next day...to a clean bathroom....hung out with my friend and headed back to Boston Saturday Night

Sunday morning, Wole is getting ready for church and I get dressed.

Wole: Aren't you going to have a shower

Me: No...we're almost late for church...I'll have one later...let's just go

YEAH....much later...like when I get to Atlanta. IF he thought I would subject myself to such cruelty as to taking a shower in that NASTY bathroom....puh-leeaasseeeeeee.

His nice roommate had to go out and get me lunch...the kitchen was pitiful.

so i came back and relayed my story to a friend, Latoya

Latoya: yeah guys are nasty. Even my son (he's like 4/5)....that's why I have a 2 bedroom 2 bath...so he can have his own stuff

Me: Well I didnt know guys could be nasty like that. First experience.

Well last time I spent the weekend with a friend, I made sure to tell him to be sure his bathroom was clean...and the sheets changed...so maybe I should have given Wole advance notice...but I just never figured that my own cousin would be soooooooo DDUUURRRTTTYYYY

I have to confess...I can be messy...but when my friends come to my house one thing they notice is that my kitchen and bathroom...ALWAYS on point...they have to be...those are the places most susceptible to germs...now my room...you may find shoes, clothes, papers and books strewn about...but dont come messing up my kitchen and my bathroom

See a while back I had a shower at my step mom's and ended up w/Athlete's foot. I had just arrived in America. Didnt know what it was...so I've been scarred...Even as clean as MY bathroom is...I cant enter it without shower shoes...weird i know...
When I first moved, i stayed with my uncle...even his place was nasty...the guest bathroom...the toilet was faulty...it didnt flush properly...you should see the amount of money i invested in trying to get that thing up to some kinda of "par"...had gallons of bleach...just all toilet stuff...it seemed like there was mildew in the bathroom...so I had to be very very careful. I made sure not to eat anything heavy at home...or to try and use his bathroom before he came home since it was better...and I lived there for six months...was glad when I moved out to my own place

I was telling Ms. Davis about how nasty guys are...she asked why I was profiling...

okay...so no offense to any guy that is clean...as few as yall are...

But Im headed back to Boston in August...and TRUST ME...I aint' stepping foot near Wole's place again


Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

I feel u on this post, girl. I lived with my uncle and his family, and we had 3 bathrooms in the house. For some weird reason, my uncle only takes his shower in my bathroom. Why? I dunno. Whenever he shaves, the sink and its surroundings, have hair all over. When he does the do, there are left over stains in the toilet. Whenever he takes his shower, the bathroom becomes dirty somehow.

I can't stand a dirty bathroom. To the ordinary person, it may not be dirty, but i'm just sensitive like that. I clean my bathroom every other day, if i've guests, everyday.

There are some boys that are neat freaks. I just got back from Cleveland, and i met one of such. My friends room mate is one of the CLEANEST guys i've ever met. God bless whoever he gets married to. He cooks mean stew and cleans. His bathroom was spic 'n span. I had to fashie my friends bathroom to use his.

The excuse that boys are naturally dirty may/ may not be true, but methinks it depends on how their mama raised 'em.

aihammed delot said...

Cleanliness is overrated; makes you more susceptible to the not so harmful bacteria which could render you very ill if you’re too ill. You should wallow in some filth from time to time…good for the skin.

Mona said...

JUST BE THANKFUL you dont have to live there and its just temporary damn...some people have no sense of cleanliness its unbelievable.

P.S. Check out the forum I currently have going on my blog for a week. xxx

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmm...well i guess there'll be no sleepovers at Delot's

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Yes o, i attended SS. What class? I really can't remember, all i know is we kept on changing arms each school year, sometimes i'm in Pri 3 red, next year it could be Pri 4 green.

I left in '94. We were the mufti set, then they changed things when i was in Primary 4, that was when we started wearing uniforms. Who r u? I think i may know u sef? Dem Mr. Effah (PE teacher), Mr. Sasa, Mrs. Annan (did u go to her lesson?), Mr. Okoro (wicked Math teacher). Good memories, mehn!

Okay, lemme know what year u left SS. I should've left in '95, but i skipped Pri 6. Let's see who can figure out who 1st. It would be cool to meet someone i know from SS, i've lost touch with almost everyone.

Uzo said...

Dear Lord. Dirty bathrooms and kitchens freak me out. I hardly ever use the bathroom in other people's places. I have been told that i am setting myself up for some serious incontinence but people can be soooo sloppy when it comes to the bathroom. Its so bad that when i lived alone, i made sure that i had 2 bathrooms. One for the guests and MY bathroom. The thought of other people infecting my bathroom scares me. Yuck!