July 16, 2006

ATTENTION all Nigerians

that hold a Nigerian passport: Is your passport still valid?

List of Cancelled Nigerian Passports

Can someone enlighten me please as to why people's passports are being cancelled?
are the people dead? in jail?

just curious


NaijaBloke said...

I got the email from one of my friends in naija o.He said the passports were actually stolen by some people that work in the passport office and they were issuing it out to people.

The only thing me I don't get is why do u have to suffer for what some ppl did,cos am sure a lot of ppl with cancelled passprts did not even know they were getting stolen passports then

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i quickly went to find my passport to make sure i wasnt one cuz it doesnt state the reason on the website. I was thinking maybe if you dont use it for a while they start making it void.

yeah poor ppl that are caught up in it...oh well...c'est la vie

Onada said...

i better go find my passport and check this.lol. i dont want wahala abeg.