July 4, 2006

The American Embassy

What is wrong with those people at the embassy? I cant reveal how I REALLY feel (you can read between the lines) before the FBI, CIA and APD jump on me. Are they God? I understand you have a job to do but at least act like you have some compassion...show empathy.

Scenario 1:
I was set to graduate. My mother got an interview date for a visa a month AFTER my graduation. It didnt make any sense so I flew home and went to the embassy myself to request the date be changed. Had any documentation they could possibly need to let them know when I would be graduating...Had an invitation letter from the school as well. First off the security guard didnt want to let me in. I understood that he didnt want my mother in as she wasnt a citizen but ME??? I eventually get in and fill out a stupid form as to the reason for my visit. I explained to this nice black lady what the problem was. She smiled...seemed understanding...gave me hope. Then this white man came up and told me "Sorry there's nothing we can do"...I tried to reason with him. How can my mother come for an interview for a visa to a graduation AFTER the fact...He simply shrugged his shoulder. I wanted to hurl all the furniture at him. I was pissed off. Does this make sense? Went back and dashed my mother's hope

This man didnt realize what I'd been through to walk across the stage. I'd been struggling through college. Teacher issues, money issues...I was an independent student...finding a place to live issues. Didnt he realize that I needed my mother there with me. The woman who stood beside me and prayed me through college? The woman that I thought about constantly to stay motivated and make it through the next day? I left the embassy with hot tears...I was angry. I was upset. My mother cried although she didnt want me to see...FOOLISH people. Luckily, my sister-in-law knew someone who knew someone e.t.c...the date was changed (i thought that miscreant said it couldnt be done) and she was granted a visa.

Scenario 2:
My sister overstayed in America. She came in with her Nigerian Passport. Returned to her base in England about 10years later. So when she came the next time with her red passport, she was turned away at Custom's...can you imagine. All that money lost on a ticket. She didnt really have a choice. She tried to explain. She came as a child. She was only 12...she was told to stay. Well she should have left when she was old enough. EXCUSE ME? Do they hire people there w/o brains? She'd over stayed as a MINOR... Anyways, our eldest sister filed for her but she wasnt supposed to leave the country while that was going on. We didnt know leaving would be a problem...apparently no matter which passport you use, once your name is in the system...that's it...anyways that's all water under the bridge now

She wanted to come back. She was told she needed a visa. My mom told me that she wouldnt get one for the next 10years at least. That's America's policy. I didnt/couldnt tell her that. We prayed about it. All things are possible with God. Set up an interview and went...she was rejected. She wasnt fully established with her job in the UK yet...didnt own a home...there was nothing to show she needed to return to the UK. ok....we understand

So recently, she called the embassy. An indian picked up the phone. She wanted to set up another interview. She's established now. Actually, she's only applying for a visa because her job wants her to attend a conference. The indian lady asks the reason why she needs a visa...she goes into the whole spill. She gets placed on hold. The indian lady is copping an attitude. The freaking operator is having an attitude.

Um HELLO? you're not even american....so why are YOU tripping...just set up the DAMN interview.
Imagine. same thing happened when I went to lagos. the security guard starts feeling like his on top of the world because you WORK for the embassy...not that you yourself are american

Anyways after minutes on hold, the operator comes back on. She tells my sister she can't set up an interview until months away. This is very strange...the last time my sister got a date instantly

The freaking indian* at the american embassy is fucking crazy

You know Im not racist...prejudiced(everyone is prejudiced so if you're feeling self righteous SNAP OUT OF IT)....but not racist...I mean my sister made a premium call and you placed her on hold...challenging her story. What is your damn business...just set up the freaking interview. I can understand if it was YOUR country...but I mean do you own america? you're the OPERATOR

My sister hung up. She'll call back and speak to someone else

Im so hot about that embassy. Hot about its universal degrading treatment of others. I mean it's enrolling foreigners into their wayward mentality. Well can we blame them. You get a little power and all of a sudden...

They just denied my mom her renewal. God will punish them. I mean they granted it to her, told her to come back...then they called her back and due to some technicality they changed their minds.

I feel like going home and telling all of them to pack their load and get out my country...if you want to come in, you have to go through me for a freaking visa

I mean my mother went to school in the States...had her children in the states...lived here for years and years...show some mercy please

*sorry if anyone is offended


aihammed delot said...

you've just reminded me why it is that i always ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS think twice before i even attempt a holiday in the states...theres just no reasoning with the unreasonable

Uzo said...

Okay girl. These complaints are pretty common to hear. But this comment is about the movie you just saw: Chalte Chalte. I love that movie. I won it and have watched it sooo many times. Welcome to my world. I could recommend a few more for you if you like. I am chuffed....

DiAmOnD hawk said...

oh yeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh...recommend away....

and you know..these complaints..they're common but it's something that has never really affected me...i always heard other ppl...so now that it's affecting my loved ones im joining the masses...but you know what my goal for july was NOT to complain...i guess i blew yesterday's goal...well today is another day

Onada said...

girl i just found your blog and i love it... i need to read it all!!!

NaijaBloke said...

I feel u o diamond,my mum was refused visa too last year by this fools o.Can u imagine what they told her when she got to the embassy.She was asked for her Tax papers in Nigeria,and she told them they did not mention tax papers on the letter they sent to her o.She was so furious that I am begging her to go back again o,cos she said she is not going o.

Some of the Nigerians that work their r even buttheads cos they tend to give u more wahala than the whites sef.

Gurl luv ur blog will be back

Anonymous said...

Wow things like this really make me LOVE my country.

..America that is!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

come again?

Anonymous said...

Check out Main Hoon Na and Kal Ho Na Ho. When you watch them, let me know what you think.