July 11, 2006

African Utopia


I was watching the local access channel today and this show African Treasures was on. It featured two people from the Kingdom of Yah. They are African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. Try saying that fast 3 times in a row...

The lady talked about how monogamy is a new thing and voluntary polygeny is allowed within their community. But you are only allowed up to 7 wives.

The question was posed that if men can marry up to 7wives, can the woman marry up to 7 husbands? Well apparently not. See women's bodies are not equipped to handle different "handlers". We only have a specific # of eggs in our life time whereas men can continue to shoot their sperm....forever?????

They also advocate being a vegetarian according to the bible....I listened with 1/100th of an ear after that. What nonsense...no equal rights for women...shame on them. And while Im not red-meat crazy, I dont see myself being a vegetarian

When I first heard about them, I was like...ok...a peaceful society...maybe I should visit...lol...maybe I should visit...honestly the thoughts that go through my head sometimes, I have to laugh at myself...they're so ridiculous

They showed a clip of them....seems like a mini-cult to me...growing larger by the day.

Anways Check it Out


aihammed delot said...

yeah, they lost me too after the whole vegeterian talk...cant stand non meat eaters...like are they meant to be "on a higher planet"or something. you dont see many vegeterian lions do you. its a jungle out there - eat what comes your was lest it eats you.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

lol...you're funny
you know the question was posed about jealousy amongst the wives...the lady said,there's none of that...said it takes a village to raise a child so it's a great extended family blah blah blah...i dont know what flavor KoolAid she was drinking

Uzo said...

LOL. This is the sect that Whitney Houston and Bobby visited and she was baptized by their "Leader". The footage from that trip made us all realize Whitney was definitely losing it. There was an article in Time on them sometime back and it traced their history. To each his own but i dont buy their act. Seems more like a cult to me.

On another note, African Treasures is a good show. My friend used to co-host it every now and again.