June 21, 2006

Bloodshed in Ogudu

God I just want to thank you for my life and everything that you've done to keep me safe from harm. I shall live and not die in Jesus' Name...my friends and family shall live and not die in Jesus' Name...Amen

I tried to call Bob today...and I couldnt get through. With me I start to freak out when I cant get in touch with anyone with all the millions of phones each person carries. My mind starts to wander and sometimes depending on its path, tears will form as I offer a prayer and try to be positive.

Bob went with his mom to the Nepa office to settle a bill. Nepa (the electric company in nigeria) was outrageously billing them for an unoccupied apartment that they lease out. The manager wasnt there so Bob left his mom there to go to work. His mom called him but he ignored the call. His dad called him and he answered. His dad sounded frantic asking him where he was. He calmly replied that he was on his way to work.

Turns out that Zenith Bank was robbed. The bank was directly opposite the Nepa office.These robbers shot people dead and left many injured. They shot two security guards, the bank manager and a customer. Accordingly to my source, there was a pool of blood all over the bank. The robbers hijacked a bus to go to the bank and shot the driver of the bus. They were shooting every where. Even Bob's brother Doyen, who goes to a school nearby claims to have heard the shots. These people walked to a getaway speedboat which was about 1km away from the crime. They shot people as they were WALKING to the getaway boat..people playing soccer, an okada man...In all this, there was no police, they werent caught....All this took place like 10 mins after Bob left the NEPA office. And of course the police show up AFTER THE FREAKING FACT. Im not even sure if they being there would have helped matters.

I mean they got what they wanted and callously took the lives of many away. WHY?

May God punish them. May they never know one moment of peace until they atone for their misdeeds. May mayhem/confusion/doubt/mistrust reign in their midst. Whatever they stole, will not do good for them. May they choke on the blood of the people they killed to committ their evil act.

God...you keep showing me reasons that I should be thankful. Im sorry God that Im not everything that I know I should be and Im not doing everything that I should be but I just want to take the time out to thank you. You're better to me than Ive been to myself. So many mere misses and people say it's luck but God I know that it is You that has intervened every single time. Thank you for not letting me die that day on the bridge. Thank you that my brakes work when I think Im a Nascar driver. Thank you for granting me wisdom and the intellect to dissect situations to my benefit. Thank you for granting me your spirit. God that helps me be more discerning. I love you God. There is none like you and all I can say is Thank you Father.

(singing...thank you jesus, thank you my lord. Whatever I am now it is by your grace. Many are dying, many are perishing whatever (wherever) I am now it is by your grace)

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