May 23, 2006

How much for a blue-eyed boy

Ryan, the other day on the radio was asking if we had a choice would we choose our children's sex...and what if science advances, would you choose their features...actually for $19k I think you get to select the sex now...hmmm...interesting

Is this science against God...or science because of God...

Kinda like stem cell research, it seems this could be a touchy issue...everyone had their reasons for wanting to do it or not wanting to do it. One lady called in. She wished she'd done it because her husband was the only boy and they only had girls but now he's dead and no one will carry the name...i wonder why people are always concerned with carrying on someone's name

It seems so weird that years ago, we were actually discussing this in my biology class in high school and here again, the subject pops up. It seems the lines between what is right and what is wrong is getting blurry and so im confused

Do I really want to pick my child's feature>
Okay let's see. I want a hazel-eyed, 6'7" caramel skinned boy as my first child that can roll his tongue

Would it be regulated? Who would even regulate it?
the quota for hazel-eyed boys has been reached. there's just one more slot for a red-eyed boy. Would you prefer that one?

How much would it be priced?
there's a discount today if you want your baby to be dark. we had to increase prices on honey toned because the demand exceeded the quota

I guess it could start getting weird.

I think I'll stick to the old ways and let things happen naturally praying that God according to His Will will answer my prayers

I really wonder if we're pushing science too far. Seun is about to start on her PhD with this stem cell stuff. I guess I'll ask her opinion when she's 2yrs into whatever she's doing. Im not really into it. Almost like I dont really want to know so Im afraid....afraid of what? weird
I think I'll call her today so she can explain some more about her research to me

would i really want to pay money to change the supposedly natural course of things? pimp my ride, and while you're doing that, pimp my baby too....

would I barter?
madam it's $ that your last price?

Sometimes I even wonder if it's wrong that Im pro-choice. I was thinking that Im pro choice and pro life. I can be both right? But then I started to analyze and over analyze and I guess if I had to choose, it would be pro-choice. I want the baby to live but ultimately I feel each person must make their own decision. I really do think that's the way Christ would do it. I mean we're not forced to be christians even though it's the right way to be, we are given a choice and the choice ultimately affects your life

Everyday is full of choices...the choice to come to work and voluntarily slave my days away (volunteer slavery as cousin B calls is)...the choice to eat a snicker icecream bar while watching what I eat...the choice to constantly read blogs when I should be working on a proposal...

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