April 28, 2006


Zane! Zane!! Zane!!!

my friend is getting married this summer Insha Allah! I remember little Zane from her pre-america days and now with a degree in hand, she's heading back home to obtain a marriage certificate. Time sure flies by.Ive known Zane for quite a while but I've never met her. Till today Im not sure how she got a hold of my MSN ID but all of a sudden one day we were chatting and have been doing so off and on for a while.

It's interesting that I can refer to people that I've never met as friends. HUN was the precursor to this trend which has since abated. But while it lasted, I "met" great people that I still keep in touch with. It's natural for me I guess...I love meeting and talking to people. Im one of those people that you'll meet and may not like at first but once you get to know me, it's all good! People always tell me "I didnt like you before...but you've changed"...and I respond "I didnt change, you just got used to me". People eventually come to the realization that I wont fit their predefined mold and Im happy as I am. I dont need to have friends. Alone to me does not equal being lonely. Besides I come from a big family and the need for friends is optional. But once you are my friend, Im very loyal and I always like everyone to be happy so alot of times you'll find me going out of my way for my friends...even those that are sight unseen

Zane's a really cute gal. She didnt join the masses and create a website so there's nothing to share with you guys...sorry....I cant wait till I meet her. I think we'll be friends for a long time. We have a lot in common...

Zane I wish you all of life's pleasures. It is my prayer that you and your man remain faithful to each other. May the Goodness of God follow both of you and your future children. May you always find joy in eachother.

Happy Nikkah Zane!!!

who's a wedding website addict....share if you have any...check these out


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