April 1, 2006


Okay...so everyone has a blog...everywhere i go, blog this and blog that...i just decided to join the masses. There's something about sharing your thoughts and people not knowing who you are.
Im sure everyone thinks their life story is interesting. Well I dont think mine is all that but some people think I could write a book...

Just to introduce myself. I am a nigerian-american. My cousins seems to think I cant really decide which I want to be...I switch subconsciously...depending on the situation so no one should hate on me for that. It's innate.

I live in the south and it really doesnt matter what country anyone lives in, the south can be very slow...very interesting...very warm...yeah..im trying to create a mysterious sense of me.

I love to read. I love politics. I love to travel and I can be quite spontaneous

Ok...we'll see where this blog thing takes me

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Olawunmi said...

welcome to the blog-world. the first thing i learned here (and still learning) is that this is your world, your space, and your blank screen to say what you want. want to be frivolous? why not? want to be serious, political, moody, or just plain silly? go ahead. and if you want to be a schizoid amalgam of your five different trans-gender personalities, just go right ahead, though i should warm you about the team of shrinks trawling through blogger for nutcases.


have fun!!